UTUB - User Menu Maintenance

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Program UTUB, User Menu Maintenance, is used to identify user menus for use from the View pop-list on the application menu. This feature is provided for the convenience of the user. Users can define these menus to run any programs they desire in whatever groupings they desire. User menus entered for a user are only available for that user.

Selecting the menu from the view pop-list and then selecting the program from the menu will run the program. User menus can be set up as the default log in menu for a user in program MUSC, User Security Maintenance.

User menus are specified by user. Each user can have as many menus as the single character group code allows. The field accepts upper & lower case characters, special characters, and numbers.

Users with the UTUB_ADMINISTRATOR parameter set to YES in program MURM, Initialization Parameter Maintenance, are able to maintain the user menus for all users.


Users can be limited to the type of menus that can be accessed If MURM, Initialization Parameter Maintenance,NDSM_USER_MENU_ONLY is set to 'Y'. This will exclude STD and RCL menus.


Entering User Menus

1. If you are set up as an administrator in program MURM, Initialization Parameter Maintenance, enter the application user for which you are entering user menus in the App User field.

2. In the Group field, enter the user menu group code. This code must be only one character.

3. In the Name field, enter the name of the user menu.

4. In the lower block, enter the programs that you want to include on the user menu.

5. In the Sequence No field, enter numbers to indicate the sequence in which the programs will be displayed on the menu. The program with a sequence number of one will be displayed as the first program on the menu.

6. Press [Commit].

7. You can assign a user menu to be the default log-in menu for a user in program MUSC, User Security Maintenance.