IPGM - Product Group Maintenance

New features added, version 7.5.2

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Program IPGM, Product Group Maintenance is used to add, maintain, and delete product groups, and their descriptions.

You must have a product group to have product codes.

Inventory codes (1-9) are assigned to product groups, using the programs for each code.

For each product group, the labels for the fields for the inventory codes in program ICMM, Inventory Master Maintenance, can be different.

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Entering Product Groups

Entering Inventory Code Labels

The Product Group Matrix


Entering Product Groups

1. In the Group field, enter the product group code.

2. In the Description field, enter the product group description.

3. In the ICSM Default Price Rounding field, enter the value to which the unit price for items in this group will be rounded. This is the default value for the Round to Nearest field in program ICSM, Inventory Sales Data Maintenance, for new sales units of measure created for items assigned to this product group.

4. Press [Commit].


Entering Inventory Code Labels

1. If labels have been entered for inventory codes in program IPCAM, Item Code Maintenance, the label will be displayed here. They can be changed here.

2. In the field for the desired inventory code, enter the inventory code label for this product group.

3. Press [Commit].


The Product Group Matrix

The following image displays how product groups, product codes, product lines, and item codes are linked. Product lines are entered by product code, and are unique to each product code. Product codes can be assigned to multiple product groups, and item codes are entered according to product group.