November 2018 : News, Strategies & Insights

Steel Alloy May Inch Out Aluminum for Automakers

The automotive industry is in the midst of some big changes as it relates to regulation, tariffs, and consumer preferences – all of which could threaten to add costs in an industry that’s predicting some decline. So don’t be surprised to learn that automakers have some tricks of their sleeves, and Automotive News is reporting that the industry is exploring an advancement in metals that might make a big difference in the way their vehicles are designed.   Read More

The Evolving Supply Chain Skills of the Workforce

Perhaps it’s not too much of a stretch to compare the changes that the current workforce is experiencing to the first time that human beings stood upright. This change certainly feels life-altering to employees who have gone from a world where intelligence resided in their own minds to now encountering and working directly with intelligence housed in machines.  Read More

Rethink Fulfillment During Peak Season

Peak season is a great opportunity to determine where your warehouse priorities should lie. Here are the biggest stories to watch this holiday season.  Read More

U.S. Productivity Growth Slows to 2.2 Percent Rate in Q3

U.S. productivity grew at an annual rate of 2.2 percent in the third quarter, a slowdown from the previous quarter but still better than the lackluster gains of the last decade. Labor costs accelerated but remained at a low level. Read More

As Infrastructure Crumbles, So Does US Manufacturing

America is essentially in an infrastructure collapse that is having dire effects on  manufacturing. Crumbling water systems that are unreliable can shut down production lines. Congested highways mean late deliveries, production loss, increased fuel and wage costs and excessive wear on assets. Port congestion, lock delays and the penalty associated with not having infrastructure in place to handle larger ships make American products more expensive.  Read More