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About NDS

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At NDS Systems, we understand that the software market is in a constant state of flux. These ever changing market conditions present a unique set of challenges for any software provider. That is why we are constantly developing new products and services, and new functionality and features to our products, so we may better serve you.

The NDS ERP Application, targets manufacturing, distribution and fulfillment companies, and boasts a long and successful history of satisfied clients. (click here to view testimonials)

Since 1985, NDS Systems has been setting the standard for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions.  The NDS ERP Oracle based application began as a client server suite and evolved continuously as technology and client demand changed.  The software has been completely re- engineered, and is constantly updated between major releases to keep the product on the leading edge. Enhancements include web enabled multi tier architecture, with totally integrated business logic.

In May 2009, NDS Systems announced a partnership with Idexcel, a Virginia based IT services firm. By combining strengths, the combined companies now have offices in 7 cities worldwide, with over 350 highly qualified employees. Services provided by the company include Application Services, Analytics & Information Management, Cloud Solutions & Testing Services. The combination of these resources has provided the ability to fully develop the NDS application and establish an aggressive schedule of ongoing product development.